Beersheba Springs Market is Open!

If we don't have it, you don't need it....         Our inventory         Summer hours - open 7 days!

Beersheba Springs Market on Highway 56

Conveniently located to Greeter Falls and Stone Door! Come by the market before or after your visit to the parks, and enjoy hot and cold food, cold drinks, groceries, hand-dipped ice cream, supplies, and more.    In addition to "regular" gas, we sell ethanol-free ("100%") gas and B5 diesel (not the cheaper diesel, which is typically "B20" -- up to 20% bio!).

Now serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Spring/summer/fall: Open 7 days; 8 to 8 Monday through Saturday and 12 to 5 on Sunday.
Winter: Open 6 days; 8 to 7 Monday through Saturday

Check out our sausage & biscuit with coffee in the morning, or how about our breakfast pizza?!?

New dining area
Audra Miller
Audra Miller,

We still carry 100% (ethanol-free) gas, fried baloney sandwiches, local crafts, fresh produce, and at least 1 of just about everything!

Bird boxes hand-crafter by Bud Whitman. Merch!  Hoodies, tee-shirts, hats, caps, and more. Fresh fruits and veggies amidst a vriety of items. Our prized old cooler!

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For more information, contact:   Audra Miller   931-692-3314  

Beersheba Springs Market; 19564 State Route 56; Beersheba Springs TN 37305
Beersheba Springs Market; P.O. Box 93; Beersheba Springs TN 37305-0093